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AI Legend Says LLM Have 1000 More Info Than a Person

Geoffrey Hinton is the godfather of modern neural network AI which is the basis of Large Language Models like Palm-2 and GPT-4.

Saying these digital computers are better at learning than than humans um which itself is is a huge claim.

Hinton also argue that that’s something that we should be scared of.

You can have many copies of the same model doing many different things. The data is different but the models are the same.

What that means is that they can be looking at ten thousand different copies of the data. Whenever one of them learns anything all of the others learn it too.

They were already learning faster and more efficiently and now they are learning ten thousands times more.

They can learn more things, more quickly and they can teach other nearly instantly.

Hinton is concerned about superintelligence manipulating people and taking control.

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