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NASA’s Perseverance rover sends back first HD Mars panorama

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The picture is the rover’s second panorama since Perseverance landed on the planet on Feb. 18. The rover’s Navigation Cameras — also on the mast — captured another panorama on Feb. 20. 

In it, the Jezero Crater rim and what NASA describes as the “cliff face of an ancient river delta” can be seen in the distance. 

The Mastcam-Z is a dual-camera system equipped with high-definition video, zoom function, and the ability to take panoramic color and 3D images.

“We’re nestled right in a sweet spot, where you can see different features similar in many ways to features found by Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity at their landing sites,” Jim Bell, one of the leaders of the Mastcam-Z instrument team, said.

In a panel on Thursday, Bell said he and his team were “blown out of the water” by the images coming back from the Mastcam-Z and that technologies would only continue to improve in following missions to Mars.

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