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SpaceX Raptor 3 Engine is Test Fired and Has 10% More Thrust

SpaceX Raptor 3 is an improved and more powerful rocket enigine. It has reached 350 bar of pressure and 269 tons of thrust.

Raptor 2 engines were achieving 230 tf (510,000 lbf) of thrust consistently by February 2022, although SpaceX expects to be able to tune engine parameters and design over time to achieve at least 250 tf (550,000 lbf). Moreover, Musk indicated that the engine production cost was approximately half that of the Raptor 1 version SpaceX had been using in 2018–2021. In June 2022, Musk tweeted that 250 tons was achievable.

The Saturn V rocket generated 34.5 million newtons (7.6 million pounds) of thrust.

The Starship Super Heavy Booster with Raptor 3 engines would have 2.56 times the thrust of the Saturn V.

SpaceX is making a water spraying metal plate for the launch pad.

Yeah. To be frank, we did not expect the engine to survive a full duration run at that pressure. It is uncharted territory.

Can Raptor 3 can be a drop-in replacement for Raptor 2, or will the vehicles require changes to cater for Raptor 3 engines?

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Somehow that reminds me of BE-4, which was supposed to be a peer to Raptor. Any news of it recently?

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