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A hacker accessed my Netflix, watched every episode of Cocomelon and left me a creepy message

Sure, your brother and mom are using your Netflix account. Who else could be stealing your service or personal data from the app?

The following is a modern-day horror story. It speaks to one fear many ordinary people have about their online accounts. Strangers getting their dirty little fingers into their streaming services, browsing history or email inboxes.

Check out the most terrifying thing we’ve heard all week below.

Things only got worse from then, however. After dropping by the My List page, they found something genuinely haunting waiting for them: a message, delivered through favorited titles the user didn’t add themselves.

Somebody in the Arabic Peninsula had accessed the account. The country Oman is halfway across the world. It wasn’t until the account holder got a notification about a new device login that she realized what was happening.

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