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Are You Switching to a Heat Pump? We Want to Hear From You.

Some people in extremely cold areas of the U.S. are switching to heat pumps from oil or gas furnaces. But others are not convinced that these devices are right for them.

As the world moves to electrify everything from cars to heating in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, heat pumps have become more popular.

I have covered alternative energy for The New York Times for five years, and utilities and energy in general for almost a decade before that. The energy transition presents an opportunity to explore new technologies like heat pumps and the impact they have on electricity demand, monthly energy bills and comfort at home.

I’d like to hear from people who have bought heat pumps, especially readers who live in very cold climates. I’m also interested in hearing the perspectives of people who have not bought one because they think heat pumps are too expensive or do not meet their heating needs.

We will not publish any part of your submission without contacting you first. We may use your contact information to follow up with you.

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