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How Netflix is aiming at kids and families to fend off Disney, other streaming rivals

The streaming service is stepping up its output of kids and family movies and series to fend off competition from newer kid-friendly streaming services such as Disney+. It’s also emphasizing original content over borrowed (but popular) series from Nickelodeon (“iCarly” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender”) and Disney Jr. (“Sofia the First.”)  Netflix says it will release more than 50 new original movies and TV shows aimed at kids and families this year.

Children’s content is key to winning and  keeping loyal subscribers, analysts say, as families with young kids crave shows they’ll watch on repeat. 

“We find that about 60% of all of our (subscribers) watch some kids and family content every month,” says Melissa Cobb, Netflix’s vice president of original animation. “So that’s a significant and really important area for us.” 

Although Netflix is sitting pretty with more than 200 million subscribers,  Disney brand is more closely associated with family-friendly entertainment. 

“It kicked off in terms of her coming into my studio and saying she wanted to rap, and I kind of kicked her out, but she was so consistent that one day I had to sit her down and have a father-daughter talk,” Bridges says. “I was letting her know if she wanted to do music, she has to talk about what goes on in her world the same way Daddy talks about what goes on in his world.”

Bridges says “Karma’s World,” which centers on a rhyming, singing 10-year-old, addresses issues facing young girls.

“We just decided that she can change the world with her music, the same way, humbly speaking, that Daddy has changed the world and made a niche for himself with his music,” says Bridges.

Original songs in “Karma’s World” address topics like self-esteem, body positivity, discrimination and leadership, but are still catchy, says the “Money Maker” artist.

“Yes, it’s definitely children’s music, but it’s revolutionary children’s music in that it sounds current,” Bridges says. “The parents will probably like the songs even more than the children.”

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Source: USA Today

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