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Motorised makeup, toilet scanner and a camera in your oven – the most eye-catching gadgets at CES

A battery-powered mask that claims to eliminate COVID-19 and a smart bird feeder that lets you build a Pokemon-style compendium of visitors to your garden are just some of the weird and wonderful gadgets on show at CES 2023.

The world’s biggest tech event – CES – is returning to full operation this week after two years scaled down due to the COVID pandemic.

Before the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Centre has even officially opened, huge Silicon Valley conglomerates and ambitious start-ups alike are already living up to the conference’s reputation for showcasing the great and the good – and the just plain weird – of consumer electronics.

Here are some of the product announcements that have caught our eye so far – for all sorts of reasons…

The Evie ring is pitched as the first medical grade smart ring designed uniquely for women, offering period and menstrual symptom tracking alongside familiar wearable features like monitoring heart rate and calories burned.

Like other wearables, data is displayed in a smartphone app, and its creator – Movano Health – says it will cost less than $300 (£248) when it releases later this year.

A strong contender for the most ridiculously named product of the show is Samsung’s Bespoke AI Wall Oven, which comes equipped with an internal camera, so you can keep a closer eye on your cooking.

But Samsung also reckons it is perfect for taking photos and even livestreaming your meals to social media, allowing those with more money than they know what to do with to launch their own cooking show from home.

If you need to wind down after a stressful day of work, Fufuly could be just what you need.

Shaped like a cloud, tooth or deformed marshmallow (take your pick), Japanese firm Yukai Engineering says the pulsating cushion aims to reduce anxiety in the same way holding a baby or having a cat on your lap might do.

Generally it’s a bad idea to soak electronics in any sort of liquid, but French firm Withings has made a device that it wants you to urinate over.

Easy as one, two, pee, U-Scan hooks on to the side of a toilet bowl, and uses an onboard replaceable cartridge to analyse urine for things like detecting a menstrual cycle or giving dietary feedback. It will start at €500 (£440).

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal has developed a gadget to help those with limited mobility apply makeup.

HAPTA uses motion controls and a suite of customisable attachments to give the user a range of motion, which the company says will offer the precise control required for the perfect application.

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First shown off last year, the mask is essentially a wearable air purifier that claims to filter out and destroy airborne particles – including viruses.

Plenty of us have kitted out our front doors with smart doorbells in recent years, and it turns out that not even birdhouses are safe from the trend.

Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder that snaps pictures of any visitors, sending photos to your phone and identifying the species using an app like a real-life Pokedex from Pokemon.

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