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Need to replace the battery on your iPhone? It will soon cost you more money

Swapping the battery on an older iPhone is going to cost you more money.

Current prices to replace the battery on an iPhone not under warranty will remain in effect until February. The price increase takes effect in March, Apple said.

As of Tuesday, Apple charges $49 to replace batteries for the iPhone 8 and older models, going back to the iPhone 5. On models starting with the iPhone X through to the iPhone 13, Apple charges $69 to swap batteries. 

The price increase does not affect iPhone 14 models. Apple charges $99 to change the battery on its newest iPhone not under warranty. iPhone owners with the company’s AppleCare+ extended warranty get battery replacements for free if your device’s battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity, Apple said.

Apple said it will bump up the cost to replace a battery on iPhone 13 models and older by $20 starting March 1.

Apple offers several options for iPhone owners who need an upgraded battery. Consumers can schedule an appointment at an Apple Store or authorized service provider, mail their device in to swap the battery, or have a service provider visit your home or office to complete the repair.

When your battery begins to degrade, not only are you likely charging your phone more often, but you might notice your phone performing slower than usual. For example, it might take longer for apps to open or lower frame rates when you scroll.   

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