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Netflix is officially ending password sharing—but these streaming services still allow it

Netflix will crack down on password sharing by checking location. Previously, as long as an account didn’t exceed its number of simultaneous streams, users on that account could stream Netflix from anywhere. Now, Netflix will only allow members of one household to use a single Netflix account by having users set a primary location. Members of other households can either create their own accounts or be added to the existing account as an extra member for an additional fee.

A household as it relates to Netflix, is a specific location like a house, an apartment or other building. Netflix uses IP addresses, device IDs and account activity to determine a household.

The only way someone outside your household can use your Netflix account is by being added as an extra member for an additional $8.  An extra member is a separate account that’s paid for by the main account. These extra members will have their own passwords and are limited to a single profile and screen. Standard accounts can add one extra member and Premium accounts can add two.

If you’re a fan of sports, you can stream ESPN+ for just $9.99 a month. Whether you’re into hockey, baseball, football or another sport, you can find it on ESPN+. The service gives you access to exclusive live coverage, documentaries and sports-related original content. ESPN+ supports up to three simultaneous streams. To get more bang for your buck, an ESPN+ subscription can be purchased as an add-on with a bundle that includes Hulu and Disney+, starting at just $12.99 a month for basic access to all three services.

FuboTV is one of the best streaming platforms when it comes to sports. It’s also one of the most lenient platforms when it comes to screen sharing, albeit with a bit of a catch. FuboTV supports up to 10 screens at once, the most out of any streaming service we’ve researched. Before you share your password with 10 of your buddies to watch the next big game, you should know that these screens can only be streamed at one location—your home internet connection. If you’re streaming from a phone or computer, you can stream up to three different locations.

While many streaming services allow for password sharing thanks to generously high limits on concurrent streams, other streaming services make it so that password sharing is unnecessary. With a free streaming service, everyone who wants to view content can do so without having to manage a shared account.

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