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Passenger planes could have AI pilots: airline president

Tim Clark, president of the airline Emirates, believes artificial intelligence could replace real-life pilots in passenger airplanes — but not in his lifetime.

While Clark believes there would still be one human in the cockpit no matter how much AI advances, he is also urging people to “harness” and “use” the new technology, not “fear it.”

“Could the aircraft be flown on a fully automated basis? Yes, it could, technology is right up there now,” he claimed. “[But] there’ll always be somebody on the flight deck in my view.”

“A lot of people are concerned about what AI should and shouldn’t be doing … but if you’re in business and you’ve got something as powerful as this coming along and you’re very processes driven, manpower intensive, you’ve got to take time to look at what this could do to improve what you do,” Clark added.

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