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SpaceX’s biggest bangs: a brief history of Elon Musk’s exploding rockets

The company has launched more than 100 rockets over the past decade in their effort to bring tourists to the Moon and Mars — but a number of the unmanned prototypes have gone up in flames. As Musk has said, that’s what testing is for.

Here’s a look back at some of SpaceX’s most fiery failures.

An anomaly was detected during the flight, and the prototype’s termination system aborted the mission.

An attempt at a precision landing on an ocean spaceport drone ship titled “Just Read the Instructions,” ended badly when the rocket’s velocity caused it to tip over.

A rocket carrying carrying supplies and the first-of-its-kind docking port to the International Space Station broke up less than three minutes after liftoff.

This $62 million prototype blew up on its launchpad in Cape Canaveral during a test for a planned launch.

Musk said it was the “most difficult” mission in company history to date.

The company envisions versions of the Starship being sent to Mars, if it can get off the ground first.

“So … how was your night?,” Musk tweeted. “It’s fine, we’ll just buff it out,” he added

”We had again another great flight,” a SpaceX announcer said during the online broadcast. “We’ve just got to work on that landing a little bit.”

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Source: New York Post

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