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Spotify’s new playlist feature lets you giftwrap a musical time capsule for 2024

The streaming service’s new Playlist in a Bottle feature lets you pick some songs based on prompted questions. You provide song titles as answers to three or more questions and that tracklist will be stored away until January 2024 when Spotify will send it to you. (“Genie in a Bottle” or “Message in a Bottle,” anyone?)

Then pick a song to answer prompts such as “A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year,” “A song that reminds you of your favorite person” and “A song you need to hear live in 2023.”

You have until January 31 to create your time capsule; it’s available to free and premium users on iOS and Android devices. 

As word of the feature’s availability spread, music lovers began sharing their creations on social media. In a year, one Twitter user said, “I’m either gonna cry or cringe looking at this.”

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Source: USA Today Technology

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