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Tech tip: 3 steps to make your (or a family member’s) phone safer

In the case of a health event, emergency responders can access the iPhone Health app — even if the phone is locked. Add details like your — or your loved one’s — name, age, medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts to give first responders more information.

After you fill out the Health Details section, it’s time to set up the Medical ID.

One more step: Allow emergency services to access the Medical ID even when the phone’s screen is locked. Here’s what to do:

If you or your loved one has an Android phone, follow these steps. Note that steps vary depending on what phone you’re using.

Finally, set up Emergency Contacts. Just go to Safety & Emergency settings > Emergency Contacts > Add Contact.

A stolen or broken phone means you or your loved one could lose everything in an instant. That’s why automated backups are so important.

You get 5GB of free storage with iCloud. If you need more space, you’ll have to pay 99 cents for 50GB, $2.99 for 200GB, and $9.99 for 2TB.

To set an Android to automatically back up, follow these steps:

I hear from folks who want to help out their parents or grandparents who have fallen for phone scams. Crooks are smarter than ever before, and once they get someone on the phone, it’s easier than you’d expect to get that person to hand over personal details or money.

This tip will save your relative the headache of dealing with spam. Note: Silence unknown callers means they might miss a legitimate call. In my experience, a real person who needs to reach you will leave a voicemail.

Now, the phone won’t ring when an unknown number calls. It will be silenced, sent to voicemail, or displayed on the Recents list. Incoming calls from familiar numbers will still ring as usual.

You can also hide texts from unknown reminders. Here’s how:

Here’s how to block calls from unknown callers on an Android phone:

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