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The 20 best graduation gifts of 2021

Every year, a new class of college graduates say goodbye to school, classes, and homework, and say hello to adulthood with a diploma in hand. Figuring out what’s next can be a daunting task for many graduates, as so much of the future is unknown. That has been especially true over the past year.

While COVID-19 vaccinations are underway, the class of 2021 is still graduating in the midst of a pandemic, meaning in-person celebrations with classmates and loved ones will likely be postponed. This does not mean the celebration of graduates should be postponed, too, though. They have still mastered the feat of graduating college—and they have still entered the real world. The show must go on.

To help them commemorate this time and adjust to life after college, consider sending a gift they will actually use (now or in the future). Here are the 20 best gift ideas for college graduates this year.

If they love their college memories, give them a gift that will help them cherish the good times as they head into the real world. These collages on Minted are perfect for grads moving into new apartments or even those still in their childhood bedrooms. Wall art is always appreciated, especially when it’s customized with college memories. You can fill the collage with photos of the graduate over the years or add in a couple of pictures with friends.

While you might not be able to find a candle specific to their college or college town, you can likely find a candle close to it. Whether the candle is scented with the sweet smell of the state or city they spent four years in, a Homesick candle would make a great gift for anyone leaving their college state or city to start a new life (again).

While we recommend Kindle Unlimited for those who love reading, we still think physical books are excellent gifts—especially for college grads. After all, adjusting to life after college is hard, and there are plenty of books out there to help them acclimate to the real world. If you suspect the graduate you’re shopping for may feel lost, confused, and unprepared, get them a book that will make them laugh, learn, and feel less alone as they try to figure the world out. Here are some great options:

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