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The Germinator: Scientists engineer machete-wielding cyborg plant

An has inventor boggled minds online after apparently outfitting a plant with software that enables it to swing a machete like some sort of chlorophyll-consuming cyborg.

According to inventor David Bowen, the “plant machete” was created by outfitting a live philodendron — a genus of flowering plant — with software that processes its electrical signals and translates them into movement.

The artist added, “In this way, the movements of the machete are determined based on input from the plant.”

Bowen said the micocontroller is essentially the brain of the robot “controlling the machete determining how it swings, jabs, slices and interacts in space.” Think the way Alex Murphy’s human-bot brain allows him to control his synthetic body in “Robocop.”

Accompanying footage shows the slice-n-dicing shrubbery twirling the machete with the deftness and fluidity of a samurai.

It’s yet unclear what the plant machete’s purpose would be, other than perhaps being used by eco-terrorists to give illegal loggers ironic comeuppance.

Bowen hasn’t yet replied to the Post’s request for comment.

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Source: New York Post

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