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Tom Cruise deepfake creator reveals how he made viral TikTok video

“I just strongly think that there should be laws to help with the responsible use of AI and deepfakes,” Ume said in the wake of his eye-opening — and eye-deceiving — endeavor.

“A month later, he contacted me again, and said: ‘Let’s make a funny video … I’ll film myself in my garden and then you just make me look like Tom Cruise,’ ” Ume remembered. “And so we did that and he posted it — but he also created a TikTok account. He doesn’t know anything about the app, I don’t either, but then two days later, he sends me a screenshot: ‘Dude. Two and a half million views.’ ”

But Ume said he never intended to pull one over on the public; he simply wanted to step up his work game.

“When I started doing video and working on my projects, just in general, I always had a dream. I would like to work for Peter Jackson on ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ ” he told the Guardian. “I’m saying this in every interview: Hey, Peter, if you’re reading this, contact me.”

Meanwhile, technology experts are slamming the infusion of deepfakes into pop culture and the world in general.

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Source: New York Post

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