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What’s Behind the Fight Over Section 230

The debate reflects our discomfort with the power of Big Tech and our desire to hold someone accountable.

Let me try to explain what the law is, what’s really at stake and the proposals to fix it.

Generally, Republicans worry that Section 230 gives internet companies too much leeway to suppress what people say online. Democrats believe that it gives internet companies a pass for failing to effectively stop illegal drug sales or prevent extremists from organizing violence.

One example: A congressional proposal would require internet companies to report to law enforcement when they believe people might be plotting violent crimes or drug offenses. If the companies don’t do so, they might lose the legal protections of Section 230 and the floodgates could open to lawsuits.

It’s undeniable that by connecting the world, the internet as we know it has empowered people to do a lot of good — and a lot of harm. The fight over this law contains multitudes. “It comes out of frustration, all of this,” David told me.

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Source: New York Times

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